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Construction workers on work site



We always begin with the end in mind.

At the beginning of your commercial construction project, every decision made is crucial to maximizing your investment. You have a vision for what you want your project to be and the results you want to achieve when it’s complete. When a team you trust is on board during these early days, your project is set up for success.

Our integrated and collaborative approach to Design Phase/Preconstruction Services is part of our commitment to quality and designed to make your journey from preconstruction through project completion and beyond a truly exceptional experience.


This is where the rubber meets the road.

The construction phase is ready to begin, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Now is when your project is finally going to start coming into focus. While your end-users, donors and even the neighbors may all be checking out the progress, don’t worry. During the construction phase, we’ll mobilize our on-site staff of experienced builders — collaborating closely with you and the entire project team to make your vision a reality so we’re all ready to celebrate together on opening day.


This is where the real fun begins.

All the hard work you’ve done for months or even years has brought you to this day. Construction is complete, and your new building or renovated space is ready to be put to the test. We’ve been building quality into every step along the way. Now, our approach to post-construction services makes sure the final days of construction flow seamlessly through turnover to your facilities team and into the days and years ahead.


Built to last - quality without question.

When planning a construction or renovation project, you’re striving to meet the needs of facility users today and into the future. Understanding your unique long-term goals and achieving them in the final project is at the foundation of our approach on every project. Our attention to exceptional quality during all steps of our process makes sure your project is built to exceed expectations. And, we do it right the first time to maximize your investment.


The only acceptable goal is zero accidents.

When your construction project begins, your mind will likely be filled with many competing priorities. The safety of those in and around the jobsite shouldn’t be one of them. Not when you’re working with a commercial construction company who genuinely believes safety is the most important thing we do ─ every day. Far beyond just our construction team and crew, we embrace a collaborative culture of safety and are committed to making sure your staff, facility users and members of the public return home safely when each day is done.


Taking a realistic approach to project execution.

A team approach is fundamental to the value-engineering process. We believe that VE should be a continual process throughout the planning, design and construction phases. However, one way to kick start the continuous process is through formal VE workshops. Our team includes construction professionals, engineers, and designers specialized in all major disciplines.

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